Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Week 2 Hump Day

Here it is hump day of Week 2 of Combat Advisor Training. This is me in full battle rattle prior to HMMVEE training today. This is awesome gear to wear in the Kansas heat. In the few weeks that I have been here, I have already gone through all four seasons. They day after I got off the plane, it snowed. Today was upper 80's. 

So, let me catch you up on the training. Last week was the continuation of death by powerpoint. We finished our lectures on Saturday and had Sunday off. We got together as our team and had a steak barbeque. 

Monday was a day of IED training. We spent the morning in class/lectures learning all about IED's then spent the afternoon in the field practicing what we learned. 

Tuesday was HMMVEE driver training. We drew our weapons early Tuesday morning, then hiked out to the driver training course (only about a mile) in full battle rattle. We spent the afternoon learning how to drive and practiced sitting in all the various positions as we took turns driving. We also did the HEAT trainer. It is a mock up of a HMMVEE wear 4 personnel get in it in full battle rattle. Then, we do a complete 360 degree rotation, then another 180 degrees. We are upside down and are required to escape. It is as easy as opening up the armored door, undoing the seat belt, then rolling out the door. It was fun with lots of laughs. In my group, I was sitting in the left rear seat. I was the first one out, then the driver got out. The 2 on the right side couldn't get out. I tried to help them out by going around to their door, but they were combat locked. You can't open them from the outside. They ended up getting "rescued" by the instructors. It was still fun.

We broke for supper, then went back to HMMVEE training after dark. We all had a chance to drive with night vision googles on. Another first for me. That is what makes this training so interesting and fun. It is all new experiences.

Wednesday was another day of driving. We did small mounted combat patrols. We went out in 4 HMMVEE's at a time. I was the gunner, getting the fresh air. Another day of fun training....

Tomorrow is back to death by powerpoint. We start a 3 day class on Combat Life Saver. It is basic buddy first aid. I hope our team of Navy Doctors, Nurses, MSC and corpsmen can get through it......

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