Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Kabul

First, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from Kabul Afghanistan. Our team took the day off from mentoring. Actually, we are taking a long weekend off from mentoring at NMH. Not only did we have an American Holiday, the Afghans are having one too. This weekend is another EID. The EID will end on Sunday, so it will be back to mentoring on Monday. Of course, we have lots of admin to catch up on over the weekend.

Prior to our team celebrating Thanksgiving together, we took some team photos:

This is the entire team Thanksgiving morning (Navy battle rattle with Santa hats)

Combat Nurse Mentors...

So, let me recap the past week. Last Thursday, was the President Karzi’s inauguration. We didn’t mentor on that day. In fact, our security posture was increased, so we spent the day on NKC. Everytime we were outside a hardened structure, we had to be in full battle rattle. That makes for a long day. There are many people here who don’t leave our little FOB. I don’t know how they do it. I get off the FOB at least 6 days a week for mentoring.

Saturday and Sunday were regular days of mentoring at NMH. I continue to do much of the same thing everyday, working with the OT nurses in the rooms and trying to help them raise their standards of care. Sometimes, it feels like I am swimming up stream. Everyday that ortho has surgery, I am discussing something with them. My biggest concern is to get them to only do one patient at a time in the room. I think I might have finally convinced them to do only one patient at a time. It wasn’t because it is what is best for the patient. The Ortho Surgeons want me to help them purchase some new instruments. I told them the only way I would purchase the gear is if they change their practice. They have told me they would only schedule one patient at a time after EID. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I haven’t ordered any new instruments.

Monday was another trip to NDS. It was rainy and cool. It is the first time we have had rain during the day. I have attached some quick videos of driving through the streets. The first one is on the way to NDS. We are heading down a one way street.

(The internet connection is not co-operating, so I will try to post the videos at another time)

The second video is on our way back from NDS. It is another one-way street, but notice how much heavier the traffic is. I am driving the lead vehicle in both videos.

Tuesday and Wednesday were more regular days of mentoring. Nothing special on those days either.

One last big item to report. Our reliefs have graduated from their training at Fort Polk and are enjoying some time off on their I-stop prior to making the journey here. I am guessing that we will see them here in a few weeks, then turn-over, then our journey home. Almost time to start the official countdown, but no solid dates yet…

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