Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Deployment has begun...

I am now in sunny San Diego at NMPS processing for my upcoming IA (Individual Augmente) deployment to Afghanistan. I will be relieving a Navy Perioperative Nurse serving with the Army in Kabul. I left Hampden on 29 Mar at 0500 EST. I flew from Bangor to Philly to Phoenix to San Diego. I got to the base around 1600 PST so it was a 14 hour trip. The inprocessing began as soon as I arrived with medical screening. It took 2 hours to finish medical and get a room in the CBH (Combined Bachelor Housing). 

Monday was a fun-filled day of processing, uniform fitting, and lectures/powerpoint presentations in the auditorium. There are about 200 sailors of all ranks here getting ready to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan. We started at 0600 and finished around 1600. I ran into 2 other Perioperative nurses I know, Dave Davis who was with me in Portsmouth, and Ann Ashton currently serving with me at Camp Lejeune.

Tuesday was another fun-filled day of medical processing. Eventhough I had already done multiple medical processing in Camp Lejeune, I had to be rescreened for everything. I ended up getting Tdap and MCG vaccinations and spending 5 minutes with an IDC for final processing. This of course took 6 hours of waiting for 10 minutes of processing. When I finished for the day, Ann, Dave and I took the train to historic downtown San Diego for some authentic Mexican food.  

Wednesday was a catch up day for all the personnel who didn't complete the screening on Tuesday. It was an off day for me. I had to muster at 0800, but had the rest of the day off. Nothing big on Wednesday except for starting this blog.....

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