Friday, April 3, 2009

Goodbye San Diego and DCU's

This is me, Dave and Ann in DCU, BDU, and Digital Desert Uniforms. This is the last time we will wear them . We have now been issued the Army ACU. We took the picture in ACU's after our last muster today at 1500. They put out our flight requirements for tomorrow (Saturday). 

When we were issued the uniforms, they gave us 4 complete uniforms, 2 sets of boots, and enough crap to almost fill a sea bag. What they forgot to tell us, is we are only allowed to leave here tomorrow with 1 sea bag. So, everything I had already brought in my sea bag had to be condensed into 1 seabag. Needless to say, I shipped 2 boxes back to Diane today via UPS. She will ship it to me once I get settled at Fort Riley.

Tomorrow is the flight to Fort Riley. I will check out of my room and take my seabag to the truck. We will be flying NALO (military flight). It should be another long day.

I need to finish condensing and packing my seabag. I will post again from Fort Riley....

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