Sunday, May 10, 2009

End of Week 4

                                                             {Shooting the SAW}

I know it has been too long since I last updated my blog so I will catch everyone up. Week 4 has mostly dealt with crew served weapons: M2 .50 cal, M240B machine gun and the M249 SAW (Squad Assault Weapon).


Monday was an easy day. We were off during the morning, and only had 2 leader’s engagements in the afternoon. This is where our team “interacts” with an Afghan team. We have to work out some given scenarios.


On Tuesday, we were issued our Team Humvees, radios and crew served weapons. I am the gunner for my truck, so I have the M249. We have 4 trucks on Team 2 (Black Beard) and 3 trucks on Team 1 (Neptune).  Black Beard 1 is the lead truck, Black Beard 6 is the team leader and second truck, then Black Beard 3 and Black Beard 4 (my truck). The Army has cut some corners with our training so we only have 1 up-armored truck. My truck leaves a little to be desired… it is extremely fun in the rain. Black Beard 1 & 3 have the other weapons, each with a M240.


Wednesday consisted of classes on the weapons, how to tear apart and put back together, and how to load. No real instruction on how to use. We also had classes on the M4 and the M9.


Thursday was the longest day of training. We mustered outside at the trucks at 0515 so we could convoy to the range. Per normal training, there was a lot of hurry up and wait. We were at the range with an Air Force Team so there was close to 100 of us shooting. The range was 10 lanes, each with a Humvee and a weapon. Everyone shot the 50 cal, then the M240 and finally the M249. We finished the day shoot around 1600, then convoyed back to the barracks for supper. Lunch was an MRE. We then proceeded back to the range at 1830 for night quals. We shot the both the 50 cal and the M240B with thermal scopes. We finished the shoot and left the range around 0400. By the time we got back to the barracks, parked and put everything away, it was 0500. We showered and napped for an hour. We had to be at the armory by 0800 to clean all the weapons we shot. It was only supposed to be a few hour evolution, but took all day. We finished around 1600. We ended up going 36 hours with an hour nap. When I finally got to bed Friday night, I crashed for 11 hours.

                                                        {Shooting the M240B} 

                                                             {Shooting the 50 cal}

Saturday and Sunday were days off. Gary Sinise and the LT Dan band played an USO show here at Fort Riley on Saturday night. We went to the concert and it was a great show. Prior to the concert, we tailgated with our Army bunk mates at the barracks. If you have time, go to

                                             {Gary Sinise in gray t-shirt on bass guitar}

Monday will be another day at the range, this time shooting the M4 and M9. Hopefully it won’t go until 0500 again.


Happy Mother’s Day… 

Shooting the SAW movie

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