Sunday, May 17, 2009

End of Week 5

It is Sunday night and the end of another “tough” week at Fort Riley. (As some of you know, I can be sarcastic at times.)


Monday was another day on the range. We got up early and convoyed out to the range to qualify on the M4 and the M9. The Army qualifications are much easier than the Marines and Navy. The Army does a “Tactical Qual” which is only getting rounds downrange and hitting the target. All you have to do is wait for the target to pop up then put one round in it to knock it down. None of the putting so many rounds into the rings and adding up the score. Each target knocked down is one point. One round for one target. The M9 was 30 targets and the M4 was 40 targets. We did the M9 range, then went to the M4 range and zeroed the iron sights then the M68 scope. Once zeroed, the M9 qual was 20 rounds foxhole supported (standing in a cement foxhole and resting the rifle on sandbags), 10 rounds lying prone in the dirt without sandbags, then 10 rounds kneeling. We were done by lunch. We went back to the range later that night for M4 night quals using the PEQ-2. This is using a laser mounted to the M4 and our night vision googles. Too easy (that is a new Army saying…too easy). It was 20 rounds foxhole supported (just like the day shoot) then another 20 rounds from the foxhole but without resting the rifle on sandbags. Shooting at night consists of looking over the M4 with the NVG’s, putting the laser on the target, then squeezing the trigger. Again, too easy.


Tuesday was some classes in the morning followed by shooting the M19. We each shot 32 rounds. See the video…


Wed was another day of classes, learning how to call in Fire Support with a practical exercise that was computer based. After work, I went for a short flight with Andrew. He has his own plane. We flew around the base, then went to Topeka. I got to co-pilot on the way back. Andrew is also a flight instructor. I got to fly the plane for take-off (with his assistance of course.) That was fun, but don’t think I will ever be a pilot or own my own plane.


Thursday was another day of classes. This time we learned about Laws of War and Rules of Engagement. Another day of death by powerpoint.


Friday was yet another day of powerpoint lectures in the morning. This time we learned about detainee ops and how to “Tactical Question.” After a short lunch, we got to don all our gear, then convoy out for a practical engagement of a town. My truck crew got to kick in the door, search the house, and collect evidence. I t took about 90 minutes, then we were done for the weekend.


Sunday was a “tough” day of fishing on Milford Lake. Fort Riley has a marina on the lake. We rented a boat for $55 for 4 hours and 4 of us went fishing for the afternoon. (Now you probably understand some of my sarcasm).


3 more weeks of class then goodbye Fort Riley and goodbye Kansas….

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