Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Week 6 is complete and Week 7 has begun as I return to Fort Riley. I was home for the weekend after a 96 hour liberty. (Now that I am doing the Army thing, I have to call it a 4 day pass). We ended training on Thursday after lunch and a group of us headed to Kansas City. We had supper in the Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City, then spent the night at the Econlodge before flying out early Friday morning. It was a great break to fly home to Maine.

Week 6 was a week of death by powerpoint so no new pictures. We were in class all day learning about COIN or CounterInsurgency Operations. At least that will be the last week of day long powerpoint lectures. Other than that, not much to update on the blog....

On a side note, I ask that you reflect on what Memorial Day actually means....

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